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Thermax™ Wall System (TWS)

The DuPont™ Thermax™ Wall System (TWS) is more than an insulated wall – it’s a systematic approach to achieving an all in one thermal, air, and water barrier system.

Simplified design, streamlined construction and optimized energy consumption for a reduced carbon footprint.

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DuPont™ Thermax™ XARMOR™(ci) Exterior Foam Insulation

Thermax™ XARMOR™ (ci)* is the toughest insulation for the patented Thermax™ Wall System. Designed for continuous insulation, Thermax™ XARMOR™ (ci)’s glass-fiber-reinforced polyisocyanurate foam core is homogenous – featuring finer cell size and better cell orientation, reducing wormholes and knit lines – resulting in one of the highest R-values(2) available (R-6.5 at 1”) for immediate insulation and weather protection on the job site, as well as long-term thermal performance.

Moisture Resitant

Labor Saving

Class A Fire Rated
NFPA 285 Approved

UV Stable for 6 months

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