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Ensure the best protection for your building with Polyglass' VertiWrap™ Air and Vapor Barrier systems.

Air and vapor barriers are crucial for controlling the movement of air and vapor through a building's wall assemblies. By selecting the right barrier system to match your building's internal and external environmental conditions, you can enhance indoor air quality, prevent damage from mold, mildew, and corrosion, and improve energy efficiency.

Polyglass offers a comprehensive range of VertiWrap™ Air and Vapor Barrier products, including permeable and non-permeable sheet and fluid-applied membranes, sealants, liquid flashings, and detailing tapes. Designed to work seamlessly together, these products provide the ultimate protection your building needs.

The Polyglass VertiWrap™ line of products has been extensively tested to meet the highest industry standards. They are NFPA 285 compliant for most wall assemblies, and the VertiWrap™ NPS detailing tapes are AAMA 711 compliant.

By incorporating Polyglass' VertiWrap™ Air and Vapor Barrier systems into your building's construction, you can have confidence in the performance, durability, and sustainability of your barrier. 


​Evolving through innovation, Polyglass® offers high-performance and exceptional quality Building Envelope Solutions. Polyglass® is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified, leading manufacturer of modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing membranes and roof coatings for low- and steep-slope applications. Polyglass® is an industry leader in self-adhered underlayments that are specially designed to help contractors save time and labor costs.


Air and Vapor Barrier Solutions

Introducing Polyglass’ VertiWrap™ Air and Vapor Barrier products! The Polyglass range includes permeable and non-permeable membranes, sealants, liquid flashings, and detailing tapes, meticulously designed for compatibility and superior protection. Tested to NFPA 285 and AAMA 711 compliance standards, trust in Polyglass for reliable building safeguards. Enhance your project's integrity and longevity with Polyglass' comprehensive Air and Vapor Barrier solutions.


Polyglass' VertiWrap™ line of products are your ultimate solution for sealing the envelope of your project, from roof to wall to foundation. The products are the result of rigorous Research and Development, ensuring they have been tested in the most challenging conditions to meet field requirements.  When you choose Polyglass, you can have peace of mind that our AVB (Air and Vapor Barrier) products are ready to tackle any project challenges that come your way. Seal the envelope with confidence. Trust Polyglass' best-in-class products to protect you from the unpredictable.


VertiWrap NPL Air Barrier Membrane: your ultimate solution for preventing the intrusion of air, water vapor, and liquid water into your wall assembly.

With VertiWrap NPL, you can effectively reduce moisture build-up in the wall assembly, enhancing both the durability of the walls and the comfort of the building occupants.

Invest in VertiWrap NPL and safeguard your walls from unwanted airflow and moisture. Experience increased durability and enhanced comfort in your building.

Air & Vapor Barrier Products

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