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DensElement Barrier system

DensElement® Barrier System consolidates the sheathing installation and waterproofing process by integrating gypsum sheathing, a water-resistive barrier, and an air barrier using AquaKor™ Technology.

DensElement® Barrier System uses proprietary AquaKor Technology to create the WRB-AB within. By filling microscopic voids in the glass mat and gypsum core via AquaKor Technology, a hydrophobic, monolithic surface is created that blocks bulk water while retaining vapor permeability. The need for a separate WRB-AB is eliminated. This means fewer passes around the building, fewer labor hours on-site or in the factory, and a quicker building process.


DensElement Barrier System

DensElement Barrier System is the result of innovative science called AquaKOR Technology, which features a proprietary formulation that integrates the gypsum core and the fiberglass mat to form a hydrophobic, monolithic surface that blocks bulk water but allows vapor to pass through. By retaining high permeability, DensElement Barrier System enables moisture to pass through the wall in both directions in any climate. This allows wall assemblies to dry out if they get wet, helping to avoid mildew, mold, and deterioration. Because DensElement Barrier System is a continuous WRB-AB, no separate WRB-AB is needed.

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Streamlined  WRB-AB approach

Less Waste

Reduced Manpower

UV Stable for 12 months

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